Russia planning to launch a new research station in the Arctic

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Russia is planning to set up a new Arctic research station, which is scheduled to launch in Yakutia by mid-2012. The station, which will be built on Samoilovsky Island, in the area where the Lena River flows into the Laptev Sea, will have a new, more comfortable and highly eco-friendly design. It will become home to specialists studying the Arctic zone of Eastern Siberia.

The main characteristic of the new research station will be its versatility and the maximum level of comfort for scientists. In the summer, it will accommodate 20-25 people, and in the winter – approximately half the number. The station will comprise three base units – a dwelling unit, a household unit and a research unit, each of them equipped with state-of-the-art heat-insulation, energy-saving, water supply and waste disposal systems, which will make the station absolutely eco-friendly. Materials for construction will be shipped along the Northern Sea Route and the Lena River.

After the completion of construction works in mid-2012, scientists will be able to get down to research, which will focus on shelf zone permafrost dynamics, both of its littoral and underwater parts. For this purpose, the station will be supplied with the most advanced equipment and specialised vehicles, which are designed for severe Arctic climate.

Russian Geographical Society